Editing & Teaching

Visit Open-Book.ca for Deanna’s Young’s “Poetry School”  blog as the February 2019 Writer in Residence


Deanna Young offers a range of editing services for poems and poetry manuscripts. Contact her to learn more about her approaches and fees.

“I’m starting to tell people that I have a book deal. I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks for all the help you provided at an early stage of the manuscript!” 

“Your feedback helped me see my project in an entirely new way. It’s like you took a film away from my eyes. I began a major overhaul of the existing poems, let some go, and wrote a lot of new poems. The good news is that the new manuscript is due for publishing in 2019. I couldn’t have done it without the encouragement and clarity you provided to help me see the work’s strengths and weaknesses.” 

Deanna also specializes in transforming content into highly readable plain language. With over ten years’ experience as a professional editor, she can help you plan, craft and edit content for your website or print products. Contact her to discuss your editing needs.


A professional teacher, Deanna has led workshops on the creative process, writing and revising poetry, getting published, and methods of teaching poetry, for over twenty years. She has worked with community groups, creative writing groups, teachers in training, and students of all ages. Contact her to inquire about a visit to your  school, library, or writing group. She can tailor her visit to your needs.

Schools visits can be funded through the Poetry In Voice program.

Deanna regularly offers six-week poetry colloquiums in Ottawa, Ontario. Contact her to inquire about the next colloquium or to add your name to the mailing list.

“I appreciate the way you encourage us to think of ourselves and one another as artists. The discussions we have, without focussing on our own work directly, as in a workshop, nonetheless lead us to central questions that we need to ask about our work.” 

“Tonight was wonderful, as each of the other nights have been. S and I were talking afterwards, saying how the sessions are affecting our work in such a positive way, almost at a sub-conscious level. Thank you!” 

“I appreciated the range of readings and the exposure to poets I was not familiar with. Receiving feedback on my poems was an important component of the colloquium. Your knowledge of poets and poetry was most impressive.”