2016 Fall Poetry Colloquium – Details coming in August

“Each of Deanna Young’s spare, pitch-perfect poems seems to contain a novel… This is a poetry that makes memory sharper, consciousness larger, life longer in all directions.”
—Jury, 2015 Trillium Book Award for Poetry

“…poetry clothed in darkness but ignited from within by brilliant bursts of light.”
—Jury, 2015 Ottawa Book Awards

How the Sounds Carry

Out here on a cloudy night
the dark is complete.

Not a film of light
to tell what’s in the room.

To be held in a closet,
hand over your mouth.

Someone or something

must be over at the property
on the Coursey Line.

The dogs are angry
or excited, throwing themselves

at the chain-link limits
of their cages again.

——————-(Published in ottawater  12: February 2016)