Reunion, forthcoming from Brick Books, October 2018

Double book launch with Jenny Haysom, author of Dividing the Wayside
Sunday, September 30, 2018, The Cameron, 176 Cameron Ave., Ottawa, 7PM

Poems that unfold like liturgy, confronting
old violence
with a trembling, dignified restraint.


Reunion is a parable, an origin story, a cautionary tale. It is also a time machine in which poems commune with ghosts in an attempt both to reckon with and subvert their legacy. It is a tale of the impossible quest for the original, unhurt self. A girlhood is re-inhabited and oddly transformed as the adult becomes ally of her younger self. Young has created a distinctive pastoral-gothic hybrid; her daring spirit shapes a collection both deeply generous to and demanding of the reader.

In my right side, a tiny pain 
I’ve been observing for months. 

A vague, intermittent twinge. 

Doctors don’t have time for such delusions. 

There are too many others so close to death 
they can smell its breath.

Best wait.

–from “Reunion”